Since 1986, we have been working wood with the highest professionalism passion, and craftsmanship


Founded in 1986, over thirty years ago, Naturalmente Legno was a small carpentry workshop in Tezze di Arzignano (Vicenza, Italy).

Today, it has grown into a spacious and modernly equipped facility, where skilled professionals specialized in woodworking work.

It is these wood experts, with their refined taste, sense of harmony, and spatial understanding, who narrates the long history of Naturalmente Legno through their work.


These stories revolve around craftsmanship, an incomparable value that makes our creations unique, with no precedents or replicas.

Tradition, expressed in the art of woodworking, a passion for beauty and quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail are values that are dear to our company and that we have chosen to carry on, generation after generation.

Naturalmente Legno - Azienda

With meticulous attention to detail and expertise
we create timeless furniture



Naturalmente Legno is a carpentry specialized in the custom production of wooden packaging and bespoke furniture.

Our activities are divided into:

Custom Furniture: from interior design to artisanal production, we create high-end custom furniture with meticulous attention to detail and offer professional consultancy and installation services.

Industrial Packaging: in addition to our extensive catalog, we specialize in custom-made wooden crates (or horses) for the tannery, marble, ceramic, window and glass making sectors.

We ensure fast and punctual transport and also provide the IPPC/FAO ISPM-15 phytosanitary treatment service, a certification required for international transport that prevents the spread of harmful microorganisms in international trade.


People, communities, environment:
share values for a better world


Benefit companies are an evolution of the very concept of a company: in addition to profit objectives, the goal of positively impacting society and the environment is integrated in their corporate mission and vision strategy.

In 2022 we decided to become a Benefit Corporation precisely because our goal is to contribute to creating a better world where people are better off, respecting the environment and the social-economic wellbeing of the community.

Our commitment to people, the environment, and the community translates into an annual impact report where we share the achieved results and the goals we have set for the upcoming year. In this vision, we are proud to sponsor Arzignano Calcio as an additional way to positively contribute to the local community and the promotion of wholesome values through sports.


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